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Day: February 18, 2016

Holding Pattern


There’s nothing worse than an “active” blog with no activity… I started Security is People! as my book People-Centric Security was coming out, intending to use the blog as a platform to talk about security culture. Since then, things have gotten busy. One of the coolest things to happen was being invited to become a CSO Online contributor, where I now have my own blog on security culture and strategy.

I’m not particularly prolific. I like to write but I can’t do it fast and I can’t do it continuously. I thought I would try to maintain both my CSO blog and this one. That strategy has produced more stress than posts. So I’m going to park Security is People! for now. The blog itself and the small batch of posts I created for it will remain, but I won’t be updating it very often (I might if there’s a topic I really want to write about but that doesn’t fit or isn’t appropriate for CSO Online)…

So, for folks I meet or who hear me speak and find their way here, that’s what’s going on. Please head over to Security Culture and Strategy to see what I’m up to blog-wise, or visit or LinkedIn to learn more about me and my work.