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Been blogging – just not here…

The past few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving have been busy, and that includes me trying to keep up with posts. I’ve not had a chance to get something up on Security is People! but I’ve had a few things go up elsewhere, and I thought I’d use this post to share them.

First, Lance Spitzner invited me to do a series of blog posts on highly reliable security programs for SANS Securing the Human. You can find the first one here, the second here, and the final one here (once it’s posted). The main thrust of these posts is describing how my research into high reliability organizations turned into the Security FORCE Model that I describe in my book.

Second, as a lead up to my keynote at the Conference Board of Canada’s February 2016 Cyber Security: The Human Factor conference, the Board invited me to do a guest post on their blog. That post, Is Cybersecurity People-phobic or People-centric is up on the Board’s website as well, and I’m grateful to CBoC for the opportunity to write and to speak in February.

Now let’s see what I can do about another post here…

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