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Month: August 2015

Security Culture: From the Front Lines

I just got back from Philly and I want to thank Lance Spitzner at SANS Securing the Human and team for inviting me to the 2015 Security Awareness Summit. It was a good day. I got to raffle off a few copies of my new book (in this case IOUs, since the book still has a few weeks before it hits the shelves), heard some wonderful speakers talk about their security training and awareness programs, and talked to many great people working day in and day out to secure the most critical infrastructure any organization has: it’s people.

Driven to Fears

Bad Example?

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to an Irish Times journalist about security in the Internet of Things. I used one of my favorite analogies for the way cybersecurity fears can get overhyped – the automobile. Driving is among the most dangerous things a person can do in modern life, yet we take it in stride. Few of us freak out as we climb behind the wheel, terrified of the incredible perils we face simply by pulling out of our driveway. My point was that there are plenty of technology risks that should scare us more than (legitimate but largely theoretical) IoT vulnerabilities, but we choose to ignore them. The comparison seemed to go over well. At least until a few days later, when someone hacked a Jeep.

New Job. New Book. New Blog.

Just about everyone experiences a point of transition at some point in their lives, a time when lots of things change very quickly. Things can get better or they can get worse or they can simply get… different. The only constant is the realization that there’s no going back. 2015 has been like that for me. Things got worse, things got better, and things got different. And though most of my changes have been happy ones, it’s still scary and the initial steps are usually the hardest. The first day in the new job, those first few pages in the new chapter, that first post. You hesitate even as you keep telling yourself to move. And then, suddenly, you’re in motion…